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Testimonials from Properties Leased and Managed by Westwood Personnel

You are doing a great job. I was by a few days ago and it looks great. Tell Bill I say thank you.

– Mayor Tim Greimel

“I am more than happy to renew my lease. I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Westwood and would like to definitely extend my time with you all.”

– Jasmine Jones, resident since 2023

“Thank you so much! I really love you a lot, Billy. I appreciate you. Thank you, and thank you for your patience. I’m so very grateful – and my daughter thanks you, too!

– Torshanda Jefferson, resident since 2024

“This is very safe and clean – and there are so many cameras. You are very smart for investing in such high security. My daughter can tell from the phone that you are all about your residents. It makes me feel so safe.

– Mariela C, future Westwood resident

“The way you all carry yourselves here is very professional. I wouldn’t want to speak with anybody else than you. I truly feel like this is the best apartment complex I’ve ever lived in. I know I will be treated better than my previous landlord because I can talk to Billy and Carly.”

– Brian Collins, resident

“I am very happy with everything and I really appreciate you asking. It’s great to see you again. Have a great weekend.”

– Tamia Smith, resident

“I really love it here. It’s perfect, actually. Very nice and quiet. Thank you Billy.” 

 – Geraldine Ramirez, resident 

“I do want to say that I enjoy living here, it has been a great community so far and I look forward to more great times here.”

– Tiffany Northern, resident since 2023

I work security for United Wholesale Mortgage and know a lot of young adults who live at your place. They’ve always had great things to say. It’s a really good thing that you’re doing for us and the city. I know lots of them love going home for lunch because it’s so close.”

– Joseph, Security professional,
United Wholesale Mortgage

“This tool kit is the best welcome gift. It is very smart of you to give it to us. The apartment is nice and the carpet is very high quality. I have referred my friends and love my home here. Thank you!”

Vivek Mittal, Resident

“This place is so awesome. I’m really enjoying the new place.”

Chinelo, Resident

I have lived in one other apartment building before and never, ever have I seen a commitment and dedication to a property like this property manager.  Here’s an example … this evening there was a beeping noise that was driving everybody nuts so the property manager came over at 9 o’clock at night went through every building, every floor, and found out that there was a discarded smoke alarm that was beeping in a dumpster. The property manager went into the dumpster to find it so that he could disengage the item.  Never ever would I ever imagine the sheer commitment and dedication that this property management team has towards Westwood.

Tommy Zagrodski,
Resident since 2023

Billy was amazing and so helpful during this time. He was organized and diligent throughout this process with me. The apartments are so nice and I know that I will have a great time here just based on Billy’s service and helpfulness during the leasing process.

– Jasmine Jones, resident 

God you guys are so fast… on a Saturday night too. I was just hoping you’d respond on Monday. You just fix everything. I’m so grateful to have you.”

– Aronya Boyd, resident 

I am so happy with my apartment so far. Westwood Apartments is certainly the best value in town. I was searching for apartments for months and couldn’t find one this nice even close to Westwood’s price point for this quality. The leasing experience with Billy was absolutely spectacular. Words cannot describe how much this opportunity means to me and my family. I love how secure it is, too.”

– Will Graham, Resident

Only one-day turnaround on fixing this… That’s such amazing service!

– Diamond Arnold, Resident 

Everything is great. I love it here. It’s really coming together around here and it’s nice to have new neighbors! I’m happy with the apartment. Thank you, guys.

Rachel Witherspoon, Resident

“You were swift and you had great communication. You made the leasing process was simple and easy. It is obvious to me that you really care. I am so excited to be here. You guys are awesome. Also, this tool kit is hands down the best gift you can give a tenant. I haven’t seen something like this before from a landlord. Really smart guys.”

– Aronya Boyd, Resident 

“Thank you! I love my apartment! My experience leasing has been great. Obviously the delay with construction was tough, but you have just been phenomenal!”

– Lauren Depelsmaeker

“I feel that it is a blessing and we like the place a lot. It is nice, clean, and new. It is quiet and peaceful.”

– Dale Clore, resident since 2023

“Thank you so much for your quick response. The moving process and finding a nice place to call home does for sure make you a little anxious but I completely understand the process isn’t always the easiest and you all are doing as much as you can. I also have seen your workers in action so I know they are doing as much as they can to make sure everything is where it needs to be.  So, thank you so much for the clarity. I will for sure be awaiting your call whenever you are able to make it. Thank you again for your time, I definitely appreciate it.”

Tiffany Northern, Prospective Resident

Apartments in Pontiac Michigan

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